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Ground Technological Services, Inc. (also known as GTSI or GroundTech) has been providing quality geotechnical engineering services to a broad base of returning and new commercial and residential clients in the Carolinas since 1992 as a local, veteran-owned business. GTSI is a multi-disciplined engineering firm providing value-added:

  • geotechnical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • environmental services throughout the Mid-Carolina region

GTSI understands how subsurface conditions and construction materials can impact your construction project and provides:

  • geotechnical engineering
  • geotechnical consulting
  • special inspections
  • construction materials testing services

Having GTSI on your project provides a high degree of confidence that subsurface or construction material anomalies are identified on the front end of your project to allow for more cost-effective time-saving resolutions early in your project.

If unsuitable soils are encountered at your site that prohibit installation of a standard foundation design, GTSI’s total in-house caisson division can design and install a foundation system for your residential or light commercial structure or stabilize a failed foundation.

We also understand the critical time constraints on the front end of the real estate development process and the importance of determining if contamination is present at your site. Our environmental group can deliver Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments to help you make the best decisions during your property transaction.

Before your renovation or demolition activities in North Carolina, GTSI can perform an Asbestos Survey to inspect for the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACM).

At the core of our growth is the utilization of a common sense approach to achieve the most economic solutions individualized to your project’s requirements and site conditions. GTSI has expertise in evaluating site conditions relative to the plan and making value-engineering recommendations that save you time and money. GTSI (GroundTech) maintains across the board priority toward every client to assure rapid resolution for your project needs.

Call us today to provide geotechnical, construction materials testing, environmental and civil engineering services for your project in the Mid-Carolina region and the Charlotte Metropolitan area!

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Materials Testing

A key to the success of residential, multi-family and commercial construction projects is to ensure that the soils are able to support the structures and roadways.

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Geotechnical Engineering

GTSI (GroundTech) is a full-service geotechnical/engineering firm. GTSI specializes in geotechnical evaluations and engineering services.

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Caisson Foundations

GTSI has been providing cost effective, turn-key solutions to clients in need of a method to overcome poor soil conditions.

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Civil Engineering

Sound engineering is the result of practice and experience. Our corporate culture is founded in years of office and field engineering experience.

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Environmental Services

GTSI (GroundTech) has been providing environmental services for decades to property purchasers, investors, developers and lenders within the Charlotte area.

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